after 3 years...'s so hot in here!!! There must be some dragons in the atmosphere! \(",)/ haha.. =D

Tay Tung Batch 2002 Reunion

Hi fellow batchmates!

Christmas is still on the air. :) Hope maka bonding moments naman ta and catch up with each other's lives this holiday season. Ari aton itinerary sa dalum. If may ara kmu suggestions sng time (hopefully most of us are available) and a good place, feel free to voice out your suggestions.

WHAT: Tay Tung Batch 2002 Reunion
WHEN: December 30, 2009 (Okay lang cnu?)
TIME: 7:00 pm onwards
WHERE: Suggest please...

PS #1: Basi may ara ko mga peeps nga wla na include sa loop. Please tag nlng ila names pra ma update mn cla and to let dem know mn. :-)

Thanks! =)

PS #2: Please join sa loop sa facebook. thanks! :)

Charisse Is now a MOM!

Congratulations Charisse for a Healthy Baby Boy!

who's next?



Thank you, President Cory. Paalam.


Let me first apologize to those who was not able to vote through the thread. I can only tag 20 people in a thread so some might not know such thread exist in facebook. We are, however trying our best to disseminate the information as much as we can so that everyone can participate.

I had started a thread in facebook about choosing the batch tshirt color and GREEN was chosen by majority. We will wear GREEN as our batch color for this coming homecoming parade. I have submitted the final list of our tshirt order to alumni relations this morning including those who ordered the last minute. I will keep you posted about the date of distribution and the payment details as the information about it will be made available.

For the benefit of those who werent included in the thread, here's the poll results. Poll closed yesterday, WEDNESDAY/ July 29,2009/ 9:00PM

Cyhna Torre / Green / XL
Anayln Antonette Co/ green/ m
Lesley Ann Lee/ green/ s
Cess Ong-Bongat/ green/ m (another order of white /m)
Rocelyn Sumalapao/ green/ medium
Jeanelie Caunga/ Green/ M
Jose Maria Rivera - Green/Large
Tweet Uy - Green/Medium
Sheila Jane So/ green/small
Jan Carlo Borromeo/ green / no tshirt
David Chua/ green / no tshirt
Agnes Ong / green / no tshirt

Micay bibaoco / Red / medium
jane erlyn chua / Red/ S
dennis chua kee/ red/ large
fritz gerard fernandez/ red / L
tina lo/ red/ L
ronnel advincula/ red/ smaill
brent ian chan/ red/ xl
erica galila/ red/ m
apple destacamento/ red/ s
ellen valencia/ red/ m
herly cornea/ red/ m

Zandra lim/ any color/ m
matthew notarte /any color/L

RHODEZA villaluna/White/ M
Janice Salvio / white/ (already ordered)

GREEN: 12 // RED: 11 // White: 2 // Undecided: 2

FINAL LIST OF ORDER (submitted a copy to Alumni Relations)


1. Cyhna Torre / XL
2. Anayln Antonette Co / M
3. Lesley Ann Lee / S
4. Cess Ong-Bongat / M
5. Rocelyn Sumalapao / M
6. Jeanelie Caunga/ M
7. Jose Maria Rivera / L
8. Tweet Uy / M
9. Sheila Jane So/ S
10. Micay Bibaoco / M
11. jane erlyn chua / S
12. dennis chua kee / L
13. fritz gerard fernandez / L
14. MA. KRISTINA LO (batch rep) / L
15. ronnel advincula / L
16. brent ian chan/ XL
17 apple destacamento / S
18. ellen valencia/ M
19. erica galila/ M
20. herly cornea / M
21. Zandra lim / M
22. matthew notarte/ L
23. RHODEZA villaluna/ M
24. Janice Salvio / S
25. Yani Elea Ong / M

26. Arlene Doll Solivio / M

Extra Tshirts (color WHITE)
27. Cess Ong- Bongat / M
28. Eltton Fritz Lim / 1S / 2 M/ 2 L
29. Sai Torre / XL

Total of 33 tshirts

I can no longer accept any last minute orders. If you have any orders, or wish to order additional tshirt, please contact alumni relations through facebook or email them at

Color - Ri- Not

almuni homecoming is fast approaching. while we are deciding whether to attend the parade or not, we should decide which tshirt color we will wear for the grand parade (Saturday).

Its one color per batch people, but if you wish to purchase other colors ( as long as you can pay for it), you can do so.

The tshirt cost P 120/ea and comes in white, green, yellow (gold) and red. Red and Yellow only have limited stocks and sizes left but Green and White still have plenty. Size is from Small - Extra Large.

The payment is made upon distribution which will be weeks after we enlist our order. They are requesting us to order now so that we can get the color and size that we want while it is still available. They said they will be selling one of these during the loyalty week but they can no longer assure the size and color availability.

There is a thread I started in facebook, so just reply there or reply in our chatter box.
please reply with this format: name / color / Size :

how the tshirt looks like ... (for those who doesnt have facebook)

Model: Ms. Jane Ganado. (hehe)

so guys, lets vote for the batch color now. The votation is open and majority wins.



TUESDAY, Sept. 22,2009

8AM -----Motorcade
9AM -----Opening of Exhibits
Alumni Heritage Photos
Language and Arts
Chinese Language & Culture
Math & Science
6PM -----Induction of Officers BOT & Alumni Association

WEDNESDAY, Sept., 23,2009

8AM-10AM ----- Musical Variety Show
"Blast From The PAst"
6PM ----- Who's Got Talent?

THURSDAY, Sept. 24,2009

3PM ----- Matinee Show

FRIDAY, Sept. 25,2009

8AM- 9:30AM ----- Kindergarten Day
12NN ----- Diamond Jubilee Invitational Luncheon
1:30PM ----- Battle of the Brains
7PM ----- Gala Performance:"Power of the Dream"

SATURDAY, Sept. 26, 2009

8AM ----- Grand PArade
9AM ----- Blessing of the Alumni Relations Office
Field Demo Presentation



SUNDAY, Sept. 27,2009

6PM ----- Tribute Night
*Past and Present Faculty Staff*

Thanks to Jeanelie for sharing this schedule. :-D

So guys, book your tickets now and go home this coming Alumni Homecoming.

Come and Celebrate.

The Lawanit

This might not be the best but this is what we got.

Again, we do not welcome mockery, disgust or any negative comments, especially if you never tried to contact or tried your best to come and do some contributions.

This is made possible by the following people:

Michelle Bibaoco, Ellen Claire Valencia, Kristina Lo, Rocelyn Sumalapao and all those in manila who contributed, Janice Salvio and yours truly.